3 Reasons Why You Are Looking To Leave Your Church

I never thought that when I wrote, “When To Leave A Church,” that it would be my most read blog to date. I never thought that I would have a pastor reach out and say that he appreciated the advice that was given in the blog. I was honestly just sharing some thoughts that I have come up with in the past few weeks.

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Right near the end of the blog, I shared this thought, But one thing I have realized recently is that the less that I am involved in at church, the more critical and discontent I become.

The less I serve, the more time I have to look for faults and failures.

So today, I want to talk about this topic, “3 Reasons Why You Are Looking To Leave Your Church.”

I will preface this blog today by saying that most people leave a church due to personal issues and not Biblical doctrine issues. So when I write today, I am looking more at the personal issues.

I am 30 years old. My parents have been members of only two churches during this time frame. The church they are at in Colorado, they have been members of for about 25 years total. The other church they were members at was in Texas, as my mom was helping take care of her mom before she passed. I know for a fact that my parents feelings have been hurt, they have been treated in a way that they felt they shouldn’t have been. They could have left numerous times and all for good reasons, but they stuck it out. They have endured through the bad times because they know they are were they are supposed to be. To have members in a church for that long is quite an accomplishment, especially in this day and age. But these long term members are members who are continually serving the Lord, no matter what goes on.

I guess you can say that you are never really looking to leave the church that you are currently going to, then one day something happens and you’re gone. I am sure you have good reasons, maybe even valid points, but what led you to that departure.

The first reason why you look to leave a church is that you become DISTRACTED BY ITS FAILURES. When you become distracted, you take your eyes off the goal. You take your eyes off of what you should be doing in that church. Every church has its failures. No church is perfect. The reason that no church is perfect, is because you and I are members there. How can you expect your church to be perfect, when everyone there is a sinner, hopefully saved by the grace of God. A church will have its failures, just like your job does. If we looked to change jobs as much as we change churches, none of us would be working. At our job, for the most part, we deal with whatever we think the company is failing at, because we know we have to support ourselves and our families. Why is it so hard to deal with ,what you may consider, a failure that a church has? We get distracted by every little thing that goes wrong and pretty soon we are looking for areas that are failing so that we can complain about them. Keep your eyes on the goal, and that goal is reaching people! Don’t become distracted because the church decided to do something this way and you didn’t like it. That’s life, get over it. Just serve, because you love Jesus and you want to reach the lost for Christ!

The second reason why you look to leave a church is because you become DISCONTENT WITH ALL ITS FAULTS. Now that you have become distracted with all the failures you have pointed out in the church, you now become discontent with those faults. You start to be critical and complain. You let them affect your spirit and those around you with your discontentment. The Bible tells us in Philippians 4:11, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” God has placed you in the church He wants you in, so be content. If it is His will, He will move you to wherever He needs you. When you become distracted, you become discontent and that is when you really start looking for a way out, for any little reason that is big enough in your eyes, to leave.

The third and final reason why you look to leave a church is when you are in DENIAL OF YOUR FALTERING SERVICE TO CHRIST. It is easy to leave someplace that you aren’t investing a lot of time in. I believe God isn’t going to move you to another church if you aren’t doing anything in the one you are at. God is looking for and uses those who are already working. When you come to the point where you decide to leave because of your own personal issues, you probably have already slowed or stopped your service in the church. It is easy to leave when you aren’t doing a whole lot. But you’re in denial of your lack of service, you can’t see what you’re not doing because you are focused on the faults and failures of the church and those around you.

So don’t be looking for a way out! Be looking for a way to get more involved, to serve more, to reach more people!!


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