Top 3 Posts of 2018 (Most Viewed)

This year, was my first full year of blogging. Blogging where I made it a point and a priority to blog on a regular basis. One of my goals this year was to post a blog at least once a week. I missed just a few weeks throughout the whole year.

I hope that I was able to be an encouragement to you and help inspire you to be faithful to Christ throughout the year.

I know that I am thankful for everyone who reads anything I write. I know that I may not have the greatest grammar or writing skills, but everything I write, I do my best to bring honour and glory to God and encouragement and motivation tho those who read.

What I found interesting from this year is that my top 3 most viewed posts all dealt with the same subject, Church. Church is crucial to the Christian life. Our attendance, our involvement is crucial to our Christian life. If we try to live this Christian life without church attendance and church involvement, we will stunt our Christian growth.

So here are the top 3 most viewed posts from last year starting with number 3.

3. 4 Tips On Making It To Church Every Week

Because attending church is important to the Christian life, we need to make sure that

we plan and prepare to attend every week and every service. Probably the point or tip

that I think will help the most in your church attendance is the last one I give.

Participate in the ministries. Find a ministry to serve in. When you do this, you will

make sure you are there so that you can fulfill your duties.

You can read “4 Tips On Making It To Church Every Week” here.

2. 3 Reasons Why You Are Looking To Leave Your Church

I start this post off with a statement that I think says it all when it comes to wanting to leave a church. One thing I have realized recently is that the less that I am involved in at church, the more critical and discontent I become. We need to be active in church serving God. When we are busy serving, we aren’t looking for ways to get out. Don’t put yourself in a position to leave your church by being critical and discontent.

You can read “3 Reasons Why You Are Looking To Leave Your Church” here.

1. When To Leave A Church?

In this post, I cover my list of guidelines of what to look for if the need arises to leave the church I am in. Some of the points in this post are doctrinal, some are preference, and some are just personal guidelines. At the end of the day, I have to make sure my family and I are in the right church. A church that will help us grow in our spiritual lives. If you do leave, don’t leave to go to a church of weaker doctrine and less standards than the church you are leaving, because if you do, you are not helping your family grow spiritually.

You can read “When To Leave A Church” here.

Church is important. It is important to our spiritual lives and helping us grow. Make it a point to be in church every chance you can this new year.

Look for ways to get involved in the church you attend. Look for ways to serve others in your church.


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