Caleb’s Guide To Success

It is the beginning of the year, and most everyone has made some type of New Year’s goal or New Year’s resolution. How are you doing with those goals and resolutions? Are you still on track? Are you still holding to them?

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Last night we heard a message from Numbers 13. This is the story of the 12 spies who went into Canaan. There they saw all the good things, the land flowing with milk and honey. They saw the grapes of Eschol. They saw some amazing things. And God had promised it all to them.

The problem though was that there were 10 spies who were more worried about the bad things that they saw. They were worried about the giants and the walled cities. They were using the fear of these things to stop them from going over Jordan into the Promised Land.

When the people heard these 10 spies they became afraid also and they decided that they weren’t going to cross over Jordan and claim the Promise Land. They were going to let their fears stop them from claiming God’s promises.

We know how the story goes. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness until the men who had decided not to go into Canaan had died, except for Joshua and Caleb There was a new generation that rose up who believed God’s promises and eventually were led by Joshua into the Promised Land.

Back to Numbers 13, we see Caleb stand up and tell the people this, “Let us go up at once, and possess it, for we are well able to overcome it.” Caleb desired and wanted the Promised Land. He was ready to whatever it took to conquer and possess the Promised Land.

So what is Caleb’s guide to success. You probably opened this post up wondering what I was going to say about being successful. But I am talking about this great man of the Bible, Caleb.

Be Different – The first thing I see about Caleb and the success he eventually had was that he was different. He stood out from the crowd with his desire to conquer the land of Canaan. He could have just sat there and said nothing and went along with the 10 spies and the rest of the children of Israel. But Caleb stood up before them and tried to motivate and encourage Israel to go get what God had promised.He wasn’t afraid of being different.

Many times we fail because of the fear of being different. We fail in the secular world

because we fear standing out from everyone else. We fail in the spiritual life because we are scared of being different from the world and we worry about what people may say about us. Caleb’s first step to his success was that he was different. He knew what he wanted and he knew what he was supposed to do, even if it meant being different.

Be Determined – Caleb was determined throughout his life. From this moment when he was ready to conquer Canaan to when he got his mountain at 80 years old. If he had lacked determination, he would have gone nowhere and accomplished nothing in his life. The 10 bad spies lacked the determination it took to go conquer Canaan. I like what Caleb said, “Let us go up at once…” He was ready to go! He was ready to fight! He wanted to pack up and get moving that day!

Don’t be a failure because you lack determination. Determine no matter how many times you fall and you fail that you will get back up and try again! Caleb wandered with those children for 40 years in the wilderness, yet he still was determined to get back into Canaan and conquer it.

Be Diligent – We see Caleb’s diligence throughout his life. He was persistent in his effort in getting to conquer Canaan. He could have given up and quit at any point during those 40 years, but he stayed diligent. His success didn’t come from taking it easy and just letting life happen, he work and put in effort to make things happen.

If we want to have success in any area of our life, we need to figure out what work needs to be done to be successful and than be diligent in your work and effort towards that goal. It will get tiring, it will wear you out, you may get discouraged but that is when you need to be diligent the most in your work!

Caleb had success throughout his life because he was different, his goals were different from everyone else’s goals. He was determined to accomplish those goals no matter the obstacles placed in his way. Caleb was also diligent throughout his life in making sure he put in the work and effort necessary to accomplish those goals.


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