Steaks and Milkshakes

Steaks and milkshakes.

If I gave this choice to my daughter, it would always be milkshakes! Why? Because it is sweet and yummy and just a good snack! Most kids would probably choose milkshakes over steaks because its ice cream and sweet and sugary.

As an adult, I do love a caramel milkshake! But even better, give me a nice medium-well ribeye steak and I will be happy!

We went to Golden Corral a couple weeks ago and the chef grilling the steaks was fantastic that night. Honestly some of the best steak I have ever had. I had 2 of them, that’s how good they were! While I was wondering how I could get another steak, my daughter was concerned about getting some ice cream and chocolate covered marshmallows. We were at the same place, yet we wanted different types of food.

I love how the Bible is so profound that it is simple, yet so simple that it is profound. You see, there is something in the Bible for every stage of the Christian life. Whether you are a newborn Christian or an old-seasoned vet of the Christian life, there is something in the Word of God for you.

I have 2 girls, when they were born, they lived and survived on milk. They weren’t eating steak. They hadn’t grown teeth and a desire and appetite for steak. They needed that milk to grow. As they have grown up, they now eat meat, but they still like that sweet stuff more than the savory food.

In the Christian life, you need the milk of the Word to be able to grow. “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:” I Peter 2:2 Even God’s Word says that milk is need for babies to grow. We need the milk of the Word to grow spiritually!

But just like a child who can’t live on just milk, neither can the Christian. At some point, meat is needed, something with substance to it. A Christian has to have some meat or steak in his spiritual diet to continue to grow as a Christian.

I was thinking about the difference between milk and meat, between steaks and milkshakes and the simplest difference between the two is this; milk starts the growth, meat sustains the growth.

Milk or milkshakes is quickly and easily digested. There is really no substance to it. The milk of the Word of God, is the things that are easy to put your faith and trust in. The things that are clearly and precisely stated in the Bible. These things are milk. Take the 10 Commandments, to me that is milk of the Word. There is nothing that you have to study or decipher or even really consider, they are commands by God so we follow them. The standards and guidelines that God clearly gives us should be accepted like drinking a glass of milk. They aren’t always that easy to follow but we should, because that is the basis to growth.

Meat or steaks takes time to cook. You have to properly season it and cook it. You have to make sure whatever you are cooking it on is ready to go. You have to wait for it to cook all the way through. Steak takes time. There are things in the Bible that I have read many times before, but now when I read them, I just now see the truth in it. Steak is like meditating and studying the Bible. Steak takes longer to prepare and cook than a milkshake, but the savory goodness of it is worth it.

As I grow older, I love a good steak, but I still need to drink milk. You cannot live on just milk or meat, you need them both in your life. In the spiritual life, we continue to grow by drinking the milk, living by the commands that plainly given; yet, we need the meat of the Word. The things we can ponder and meditate on throughout the day.

Don’t starve yourself from one or the other! Enjoy them both! Get in the Word of God daily and feed yourself His Word! You will grow more than just attending church three times a week. Imagine if you only ate 3 times a week, after a while, you wouldn’t be doing so good. Read your Bible and pray everyday to continue your Christian growth.


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