The Greatest Thing A Christian Can Do

Have you ever asked yourself what is the greatest thing you can do for Christ? I was thinking about this thought the other day and I asked myself, “what is the greatest thing I can do for Christ?” Is it go to church every time the doors are open? Is it giving tithes and offerings? … Continue reading The Greatest Thing A Christian Can Do

Steaks and Milkshakes

Steaks and milkshakes. If I gave this choice to my daughter, it would always be milkshakes! Why? Because it is sweet and yummy and just a good snack! Most kids would probably choose milkshakes over steaks because its ice cream and sweet and sugary. As an adult, I do love a caramel milkshake! But even … Continue reading Steaks and Milkshakes

Bible Reading Thoughts – Job’s Hedge

I started a chronological Bible reading plan this year and today, I started the book of Job. Job has always been an interesting character to look at because of His relationship with God and his trials with Satan. Join me in 2019, in reading your Bible through chronologically! In Job 1:1, we see the characteristic … Continue reading Bible Reading Thoughts – Job’s Hedge