You Don’t Have To Live In The Fog

This morning, as I was driving to work, there was some pretty heavy fog. You could maybe see ¼ mile ahead or less. The danger of fog is that it reduces visibility. Driving in fog is considered dangerous as it limits your vision and time to react to any hazards that may arise. I personally don’t like driving in the fog for that reason, I want to be able to see ahead and see what’s going on.

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Many Christians are living in the fog of this world. We can’t see what God has planned for us because of all the worldly things that are in our lives. One of the definitions of fog is something that obscures and confuses a situation or someone’s thought processes. The world is out to confuse you, and obscure the Word of God with all the garbage it will throw your way. The fog of this world has done much damage in the lives of Christians.

The fog of this world will cloud our judgement. What do I mean by this? Our judgement will be clouded when it comes to doing right or doing wrong. Many Christians live in a made up gray area of Christianity that is found nowhere in the Bible. We think that we are a good Christian if we only go to church Sunday morning, I’m sorry to tell ya, but you are a perpetual visitor to the house of God! We think that as long as we attend church three times a week, we can live the rest of the week however we want! Do you realize that there is no gray area with God? There is either right or there is wrong, and you are living in one of those two areas.

The fog of this world will cover up the way we should go. If we are surrounded by the fog of the world, we won’t be able to see the way that God wants us to go. The world will do anything it can to detour you from following God’s will.If the world can get you to focus on money and things and fame, then it has covered up the way that God has for us.

The fog of this world will creep up on us and we will be in the midst of the fog before we know it. It may take a little while for the fog to settle in and dampen our visibility. It may take some time before we lose sight of the will of God. The fog will creep up on us and we will be surrounded and in danger before we realize what is going in.

Driving in fog can be a dangerous thing. If you aren’t careful, you can wreck and harm yourself or others around you. If we continue to live in the fog of this world, we can wreck our lives and hurt those that are associated with us.

If we are in the fog, what can we use to guide us to safety?

The Light of the Word. When driving in a fog, it is recommended to have your headlights on to help see where you are going and to warn others that you are coming. If we do get caught in the fog of this world, we need the Light of the Word to guide us to safety. Read your Bible and get into God’s Word and let Him lead you the way you should go!

Sound preaching. When I think of fog, I think of a foghorn. A loud horn that warns people of danger. Sound preaching will warn us of danger while we are in the fog. If we listen to it, we can be guided to safety, if we ignore it, we can ruin our life on the hazards of the world.

Prayer. If the fog is too heavy and you can’t see at all, it is best to not go anywhere. If we have to much fog of the world in our life, it is best if we stop and pray and ask for God’s help. Prayer can help us through the thickest times of fog in our life.

We all may go through times of fog, it is best if we remember to stay close to God and walk with Him everyday and He will lead and guide us to safety!


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