Focus Forward

Focus Forward

I was out working today and I saw this little saying on an elementary school sign. I saw this statement and immediately thought of Philippians 3:13

“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,”

Paul in Philippians was basically telling us that we need to ‘Focus Forward.’

Many times in the Christian life, we are too busy focusing on where we have been and what we have done. We are focused on the past, whether it is good or bad. I see and hear all the time, ‘we DID this’ or ‘we ACCOMPLISHED that’ or ‘we WENT there.’ It is time we change our way of thinking, it is time we change our focus.

It is time that we start to ‘Focus Forward.’

It is still early enough in the year to change your focus for the year. Stop looking at what you did last year and start focusing on what you are going to do this year.

We never get anywhere in life because we are always focused on the past. Paul tells us to forget about those things which are behind. Move on from them. Stop dwelling on the past. You will never go anywhere if you are always looking backwards.

I watched a clip from a successful businessman/motivational speaker and one of his points was ‘change your ask.’ His idea behind this, is if you always ask for the same thing, you will always get the same thing. If you change your ask, you will eventually get something different. Yes, you may be criticized and laughed at, but when you set goals and you have a desire to do something great, that will happen.

Change your focus!

Change what you are looking at!

In my spiritual life, it is time that I stop looking at what I used to do for Christ and start looking at what I can do for Christ. I need to change my focus and focus forward in my spiritual life.

What keeps us from focusing forward?

Our past keeps us looking backwards. FORGET ABOUT YOUR PAST! You cannot change it. You cannot do anything different! FORGET ABOUT IT! Paul had to learn this lesson. He murdered Christians! He killed people who believed in Jesus Christ for a living! Yet, Paul became one of the greatest Christians, one of the greatest servants of Christ, that has ever walked on the face of the earth! Why? How? What did he do different? HE FORGOT ABOUT HIS PAST! No matter how bad you were, no matter how lazy you were no matter where you are from, you can still do something great! If you forget about your past.

Distractions keep us looking sidewards. Whether they are good or bad, we all have distractions in life that will keep us from looking forward. We may be distracted by what someone else is doing…or not doing. We may be too worried about the world and the direction it’s going. We need to be focused on our own life and make sure we are going in the right direction.

Change your focus! Focus Forward!

Do something great in 2020!


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