What Is Wrong With America?

What Is Wrong With America?I asked this question in Children’s Church this past Sunday and the first answer given was all the killing! I was a little taken back by that answer but as I thought about it, that kid was partially right. There is a lot of killing and violence in our land. There is always some new story of some horrific tragedy that has happened somewhere in America. All the killing and all the violence isn’t what is wrong with America, but it is a result of what is wrong. Immorality was something that came to my mind when I was thinking about what was wrong with our great land. There are no morals when it comes to the family. Everything goes, at least that is the agenda the world is pushing. Be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do is the message the world is preaching. But just like the reason before, immorality is only a result of what is actually wrong with America.I love America! I love that I was born here in this great land. I love all the freedoms I get to enjoy because I am an American. The freedom of speech. The freedom of religion. The right to bear arms. I can go on and on about the freedoms we enjoy here in this great land. But my heart breaks for our country as I see the way it is going. I am saddened by the direction we as a nation are choosing to go. What is wrong with America?

  1. The Removal of God – God has been removed from the schools. God has been removed from the courthouses. God has been removed from the homes. God has been removed from the churches. Everywhere God was, the world has done their best to remove Him. The world promotes for you to be your own god, to lead and guide your own life and do what you want. You are in charge because you are a god, that is the world’s message. Because God has been removed, we are losing His blessing on our nation! It is up to us as Christians, to do our part and turn from our own wicked ways and pray for His healing on our land! “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14
    The Refusal to do Good – Once we have taken God out of everything, we start to lose the the want and desire to do good. Man is a sinful being by way of nature, we have to decide and want to do good. Yet we now in this day and age, that more and more people are refusing to do good. We know the world refuses to do good but you are starting to see it more and more in churches and in Christians. We are letting our standards slip. We are becoming more like the world and less like God. And this is all happening because there is something inside of us telling us that it is ok if we do what we want, talk how we want and go where we want. We aren’t letting God control our lives anymore. We are controlling our lives and in doing so we are refusing to do good. Don’t refuse to do good, to do that which is right! Stand for right! Stand for righteous living! It is what our homes and our churches and our cities and our states and our nation needs! We need Christians who refuse to do wrong and live a godly, righteous life! We need Christians to be a light in this dark world and you cannot do that if you refuse to do good!

So yes, all the killing is what is wrong with America….but that comes from the REMOVAL OF GOD and the REFUSAL TO DO GOOD! Subscribe to our email to get updated any time a new blog is posted! Also for a limited time, receive a coupon code for the “Buy Counted Faithful” store!Shop our store for great products!!

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