The Problem With Preaching Preferences

If you preach preferences, make sure that your preference doesn’t contradict the Word of God in any way. Because if your preference contradicts the Word of God, your preference is wrong.

The safest thing to do is leave your preferences out of preaching. Because when you preach preferences, you are preaching your word and not God’s.

Preach doctrine. Preach convictions. Preach standards. Preach the Word of God.

We will not all have the same preferences as Christians. We will disagree on some, agree on some and than others not even care about.

The thing about preferences is that they are just that, they are preferences. You can’t get mad at someone if they don’t follow or agree with your preference.

Here are some dangers of preaching preference.

  • You make the pulpit your soapbox for your word and not God’s Word.
  • You give your congregation opportunity to be confused between your word and God’s Word.
  • You give opportunity to cause strife and disagreement among the brethren.
  • You may cause people to have to choose to live by your word or by God’s Word.

So be careful when you preach, that you don’t preach preference over Biblical convictions.


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